2017-2018  St. Matthew Catholic School Tuition:

Tuition for the year per child in all grades is $5,800


Financial Aid is available!  Parents can make arrangements with the school office to pay the remaining balance in payments and through service hours.   

It is mandatory that ALL families apply for financial aid no matter what their income is.  Those that do not will be responsible for the full tuition.


****All parents/guardians must apply for a minimum of 6 scholarships out lined on these pages.  It is the responsibility of the person financially responsible for your scholars to step up and help cover tuition.  It cost’s St. Matthew approximately $9,000 a year to educate each scholar.  With tuition at $5800 this is a little more than half of the cost.  The administration then has to cover the difference with fundraising and other activities.  The school has a $31,000 payroll semi monthly and in order to meet this payroll we need parent/guardian support and involvement.

In the 2017-2018 school year, you must apply for a minimum of 6 scholarships.  If you do, and are accepted or rejected you will receive help from the school through our adopt-a-student program, CDA funding or service hours.

If you don’t apply you will be responsible for the entire tuition amount.  Proof of rejection will be needed.

Each of these scholarships requires that a 2016 tax return copy be included with the application. FILE YOUR TAXES EARLY (JANUARY OR FEBRUARY)!!




Tuition is difficult for our scholars parents.  Any help you can give to support the work being done at St. Matthew would be greatly appreciated.  Click below to find more information.